Client: House of Babas, a sustainable streetwear company

Objective: To showcase the unique features of House of Babas’ recycled cotton T-shirts and increase brand visibility on social media.

Services provided: Product photography, social media creatives, and website content

Strategy and Execution: Our team worked closely with House of Babas to develop a product shoot that highlighted the unique features of their T-shirts. We conducted a location scout in Delhi to find the perfect streetwear scene that aligned with the brand’s aesthetic.

We organised the photo shoot with real people at real places to give the brand a more authentic and relatable feel. Our team captured photographs that highlighted the texture and quality of the recycled cotton T-shirts. We then edited and enhanced the images to ensure they looked stunning on social media platforms.

We created social media creatives that aligned with House of Babas’ brand image and marketing goals. We developed a consistent look and feel across all social media platforms and created content that resonated with their target audience.

Impact of creatives on page performance

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