Client: Coco Central, a cafe in Vyara, Gujarat

Objective: To increase total daily sales revenue

Services provided: Social Media Management, Branding and Design, Communications & media, Franchise Lead Generation

Results:  We were able to increase the average daily sales by 1800%, with a significant increase in both, walk-ins and online orders.
Our efforts in rebranding the company helped establish Coco Central as a popular and well-recognized brand in Vyara, leading to increased brand loyalty and customer engagement.

Strategy and Execution: Our team developed a comprehensive strategy to increase brand awareness and drive more sales for Coco Central. We started by creating a new visual guideline and a new logo, which gave the brand a fresh and modern look, given its target audience is primarily students. This included designing new offline collaterals and interior in line with the visual identity.

Designed and executed offers on offline and online channels to incentivise purchases, reached out to local influencers to promote the brand on social media.
Social media content is created to target a young audience. Vyara sits at the Maharashtra and Gujarat border, we put a lot of focus on local habits and events of both the states to ensure that the content is relatable.

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