Muscle Vision Nutrition is a leading fitness and nutrition brand, with multiple locations across India. They offer a wide range of sports supplements, health foods, and expert nutrition advice.

Muscle Vision Nutrition approached us with the goal of driving social media engagement, increasing brand awareness, and expanding their franchise network.


Increased social media engagement by 2X.

Helped the brand expand to three new cities within 3 months.

Additionally, our business consulting services helped franchise owners achieve higher levels of operational efficiency, leading to improved customer satisfaction and retention.

Our team began by conducting social media audit, a thorough analysis of the brand’s target audience, market trends, and competitive landscape.

We realised that the content strategy followed until then was focused only on bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts. Health is important to everyone, there are a lot of target segments that were being overlooked. For example, people who are trying to combat a certain health condition, or people who are in general trying to live a healthy life, even if they have no specific health goals.

We decided to create super relatable content for a wider audience.

To facilitate franchise expansion, we offered business consulting services, providing strategic advice on location selection, marketing, and customer acquisition. We also developed customised training programs for franchise owners, to ensure consistent brand messaging and service standards across all locations.

While devising marketing campaigns for franchise opening in multiple cities, we researched on the city and went local.
For example, in Gwalior, we focused on print advertising while integrating local dialect in copy. We also collaborated with dieticians and gym owners in the city.
The outlet made an average daily sales of Rs. 12,000 from the very first day of it’s opening.

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