Objective: To improve on-page SEO for major landing pages and increase rankings for relevant keywords.

Services provided: SEO-optimized content creation

Strategy and Execution: Our team worked closely with Recooty to understand their target audience and the relevant keywords for their business. We conducted thorough keyword research and identified the top keywords that Recooty should target to improve their on-page SEO.

Using the targeted keywords, we created SEO-optimized content for major landing pages on the Recooty website. We focused on creating engaging, informative content that both search engines and potential customers would find valuable.

We implemented on-page SEO best practices, including optimizing meta descriptions, titles, and headers, and ensured that the content was properly formatted with appropriate subheadings and images.

Results: Our SEO-optimized content creation campaign resulted in significant improvements in on-page rankings for key landing pages on the Recooty website. Here are the rank changes for three targeted keywords:

  • “Free job posting”: Improved from 39 to 30
  • “Free job posting sites”: Improved from 33 to 26
  • “Post a job for free online”: Improved from >100 to 22

Overall, our SEO-optimized content creation strategy successfully improved on-page rankings for Recooty’s major landing pages and increased their visibility for relevant keywords.

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